”I would like to help in the mutual understanding between different cultures”

19 / 08 / 2021 | Blogi

Here is Lyailya. She is from Almaty, Kazakhstan, living in Kuopio now.

Lyailya has been a volunteer at Kuopio Settlement Puijola’s Kompassi since last five years. She has been Kathak – Indian classical dance group’s coordinator for the last 3-4 years now. She has also otherwise been a volunteer in many of Kompassi’s activities and events, like training dance group for performances, being a part of our cultural food and dress competition, language cafés etc.

Lyailya says “Volunteer work for is something that makes me feel helpful and productive. Through my volunteer work I would like to help in the mutual understanding between different cultures. In return, I not only get students, but I also get new friends and connections in the society. Teaching Kathak dance is my passion, through it I find myself in an environment which feels like home.”

Immigration and immigrants are still a very sensitive subject in Finland. With the ever-changing world scenarios, there is a necessity to show to the world that migrant community in Finland is there to work together, grow together, and strengthen our nation together. There are many skilled and talented people in the migrant community who help spread communal harmony and friendship amongst different communities including local Finns. Migrant volunteer workers also help build bridge between the Finnish and migrant societies. Dance is a universal form which brings people together and introduces people to different cultures.  Getting volunteer workers from migrant community is a bit rare as working as volunteer is not a phenomenon known in many countries and Kompassi feels lucky and proud to have had many migrants coming out for volunteer work with us.

Kompassi had about 6 000 visits by our customers in the year 2020 in our activities despite corona pandemic. Our warmest thanks to Lyailya and 130+ other volunteers in Kompassi! If you want to become a volunteer at Kompassi do check our website and get in touch with us! https://www.puijola.net/kompassi/vapaaehtoistoiminta/


Varsha Shurpali
Counselor, volunteer work in-charge